Swissy puppies are expected about 7th of January in Lugansk, Ukraine.

Parents of the puppies are well evaluated in the shows in their countries and abroad:

Sire (Father):
Atums Faraome Braitennart – INTER CH, Multi (LT, LV, EE, BALT, RU, BY) CH, LT JCH, Latvian Winner 2010. BIS2, BIG4, 9xBOB, 5xCACIB…
HD-A, ED-0, OCD-Free(0)


Atums Faraome Braitennart Pedigree


Dame (Mother):
Anhen Alpiyskoe Zoloto – Junior Champion, Champion and Grand Champion of Ukraine. 9хСАС, 2хCACIB, 6хBOB
HD-A, ED-0


Anhen Alpiyskoe Zoloto Pedigree