All puppies have new homes!!!

All puppies of Atum’s 5th litter have new homes. We are very happy that puppies find new owners so quickly. 8 puppies stay in Poland and one female puppy goes to Lithuania.

Be happy and healthy our sweeties!!!

Nice to meet Atum’s son Cargo!

It was nice to meet Atum’s son Cargo from the 4th litter who lives in Poland.


3 female puppies are available!!!

3 female puppies are waiting for their owner. More info and photos - https://www.facebook.com/piespasterski.

Mother - Doris Kraina Mazurskich Szawajcarow.

Dad - Atums Faraome Braitennart.


5th litter – Atums and Doris

05.01.2014 were born 9 puppies. Only 3 female puppies are still waiting for the best owners. More info - https://www.facebook.com/piespasterski.

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