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Swissy puppy Gallery3: SKY Blue boy

Swissy puppy Gallery2: Light Yellow boy

Parents: Atums Faraome Braitennart x Sennenhund Rossii Otrada

Swissy puppy Gallery1: Blue boy

Parents: Atums Faraome Braitennart x Sennenhund Rossii Otrada

Greater Swiss Mountain dog puppies – one week old

Parents: Atums Faraome Braitennart x Sennenhund Rossii Otrada


Swissy Puppy Litter Atums Faraome Braitennart x Otrada Sennenhund Rossii

We are happy to announce that 12 puppies are already born.


Sire: Atums Faraome Braitennart
C.I.B. (INT CH), BALT CH, CLUB CH, LT CH, LV CH, EST CH, RU CH, BY CH, Latvian Winner 2010, Club Winner 2012, LT JCH, BOBx9
HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD Free.

Dame: Otrada Sennenhund Rossii
Dysplasia test – negative (no dysplasia was found – confirmed by veterinarian). The confirmation from RKF is waited.

Photos of the puppies will be available later.

New photos of our beloved puppies

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog (Swissy) puppies are born!

We are happy to announce that the litter of five females and one male Swissies was born on 11th of January!

here they are:


more news will come soon :)

Puppies of Greater Swiss Mountain Dog are expected on 7th of January!

Swissy puppies are expected about 7th of January in Lugansk, Ukraine.

Parents of the puppies are well evaluated in the shows in their countries and abroad:

Sire (Father):
Atums Faraome Braitennart – INTER CH, Multi (LT, LV, EE, BALT, RU, BY) CH, LT JCH, Latvian Winner 2010. BIS2, BIG4, 9xBOB, 5xCACIB…

HD-A, ED-0, OCD-Free(0)

Dame (Mother):
Anhen Alpiyskoe Zoloto – Junior Champion, Champion and Grand Champion of Ukraine. 9хСАС, 2хCACIB, 6хBOB

HD-A, ED-0

Photos of both parents together after mating:

(continue reading…)

Happy New Swissy Year!

We wish you all a happy New Year! let the year be full of positive results and never ending funny stories with your puppies (no matter what age they actually are :) )!!!

let all good things happen to you!

Atums Faraome Braitennart on NY eve


Best wishes from: Atums & Egle & Danielius

Inter CH title is ours!

We are very glad to announce that confirmation of International Champion of Beauty has arrived and now we can proudly call ourselves INTER CH!!!

this the confirmation letter to prove:

Inter CH confirmation letter

Inter CH confirmation letter

yeah :)

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